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Our industry-specific experience

  • Conducted over 60 institutional customer interviews for four sugar refinery companies to develop foundational understanding of customer needs and channel preferences.
  • Achieved 25% growth in profitability for an agro-industrial conglomerate in Ecuador with over U$200MM in revenue by defining a new strategic plan, analyzing industry and market trends, designing and rolling out a master and company-specific performance dashboard, and analyzing their data to evaluate their profitability by SKU, customer and channel.
  • Conducted over 80 interviews with competitors and distributors for a processed-food manufacturer resulting in their realization that they needed to exit one of the markets they were operating in.
  • Implemented approaches from lean management and conducted deep data analytics and predictive staffing models for a commercial bank in Latin America which increased their which saved 19% of the cashiers’ time and over 44% of the commercial staff’s time, while reducing average customers’ wait times.
  • Conducted staffing and process analyses for 2 Latin American banks which increased automatization their which saved 19% of the cashiers’ time and over 44% of the commercial staff’s time, while reducing average customers’ wait times.with combined deposits of U$500MM to design their merged entity.
  • Conducted customer experience interviews and competitor benchmarks and designed and implemented an automated tool to reduce the mortgage processing time from 49 to 23 days for one of the largest banks in the US.
  • Conducted the due diligence of the U$1BN acquisition of men grooming products by understanding current and emerging customer needs, estimating the market size and trends by channel, and analyzing and benchmarking operational and commercial KPIs.
  • Developed the customer segmentation and the growth strategy for Ecuador’s largest pharmaceutical retail company (U$300 MM sales, 4.2% net profit) with over 300 stores, including an acquisitions strategy and an innovative distribution model.
  • Conducted market sizing and industry trends for a company in the textile industry to define their 5-year product roadmap. This included conducting over 80 customer interviews and running a large-scale customer survey.
  • Structured the Research Center of Excellence, the team that drives qualitative and quantitative research for the Higher Education portfolio of Cengage Learning, with U$800MM in revenue, building a team of 15, serving ~700 stakeholders to understand the needs of ~16 million higher education students and 400k instructors in the U.S. Team executed 500+ projects in its first 2 years, including market sizing, customer segmentation, needs analyses, competitive benchmarking, customer experience mapping, churn profiling, and marketing effectiveness.
  • Conducted the due diligence for the acquisition of a for-profit education company in Europe.
  • Conducted quantitative and qualitative evaluation of educational system in Washington, D.C.
  • Segmented the foodservices market and designed a joint venture between two of the largest food companies of the Andean Region to define and expand their institutional market offerings, which exceeded expectations of growth and profitability.
  • Conducted global market trends and market prioritization analysis for the largest coffeeshop chain in Latin America, which successfully expanded to multiple countries.
  • Improved process for research, analytics and insights in a confectionary manufacturer and retailer.
  • Designed and tracked over 100 vendor compliance dashboards for one of the 3 largest banks in the US to comply with an OMB request.
  • Supported a US state government in developing and executing the strategy of key initiatives for reopening the economy throughout a major economic and health crisis, including: developing an Executive dashboard and expert interviews.
  • Defined the strategy for a US region affected by natural disasters in 2017, including economic revitalization, housing and infrastructure for recovery, resulting in highest per-capita federal funding award for the region.
  • Led engagements on trade diversification and growth in several Sub-Saharan African countries, including industry prioritization and investment based on benchmarks and expert interviews.
  • Oversaw the Strategy, Data, and Finance departments and key operations areas for 202 full-time staff, 376 part-time staff, $32MM budget, and ~2,500 youth served in DREAM, a non-profit in NYC. Oversaw team of 8 data staff, implemented a continuous improvement system (CIMS) including dashboards, goals, escalation protocols, feedback surveys, quality observations and a new RCT, as well as Ed Tech pilots in a youth development organization. DREAM Charter School students achieved better NY state test scores than the district, city, and state for first time, growing proficiency in two years from 22% to 46% in ELA and from 44% to 56% in math.
  • Developed the strategic plan for a youth development organization focused in socio-emotional learning (SEL) by conducting over 100 interviews and market and needs-based analyses.
  • Currently serving at the National Board of Reach Out and Read, a network of 6,400 affiliates and 34,000 medical providers in 50 states that helps integrate reading into pediatric practices, advise families about the importance of reading with their children, and share books that serve as a catalyst for healthy childhood development. It impacts 4.8 million children a year. 
  • Conducted deep data analysis and customer interviews to determine product portfolio needs which ended up reducing 12% of the cost of a beauty products company in Latin America.
  • Developed an inventory analytics and management model for a dental services group in Colombia which let them optimize their management of raw materials and renegotiate with suppliers by building a central capability.
  • Built internal operational data dashboards and KPI’s to drive the process improvement and regional process and footprint consolidation of one of the largest lab diagnostics companies in the world.

Insurance and other financial services.

  • Led an eight-person team to triple profitability from 6.2% EBITDA to 19.4% for one of Latin America’s largest digital and physical publishing companies through a client segmentation, new pricing model, and reorganization of the sales force.
  • Sized and conduced market analysis to define the strategic plan for the Internet business of one of the ten largest publishers in their segment in the world; in which profitably grew over 800% during the subsequent three years.
  • Studied technology in education and the development of 21st century skills; presented findings at World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland and AMNC in China.
  • Achieved a 25% higher proposal win rate in one of the practices for a global consulting firm with over U$6BN in sales by building a centralized customer needs and competitor pricing benchmarking tool and building a sales and business development tracker dashboard.
  • Conducted over 25 expert interviews and over 50 current, prospective and lost customer interviews for the technology business unit one of the Top 3 premium consulting firms in the world in order to define their go-to-market strategy.
  • Analyzed the go-to-market strategy, sales processes and staffing skills of a construction consulting company, resulting in 5x revenue growth over 3 years.
  • Built understanding customer experience levers through process observation and market research (e.g., surveying over 20k customers) for a Media company in the U.S. after which it doubled its net promoter score.
  • Rapidly redesigned and piloted new products and processes using digital tools for a Media company, including building customer experience dashboards.
  • Creating and implementing workforce management models and advanced analytics models to support  front line decision making (e.g., speech analytics for a telecom company).
  • Conducted a customer understanding research effort and helped build the go-to-market plan for a Colombian company in the chemicals sector.
  • Conducted a commercial, operational, legal, and financial due diligence for the acquisition of a chemical distributor in Colombia.
  • Analyzed the staffing model for a mining company in Latin America which achieved 15% savings by leveraging a projected staffing model.
  • Audited the analytics processes for measurement of oil flows for 2 of the largest oil and gas companies in Colombia.
  • Increased profitability by 15% for a gas distributor with U$100MM in revenue by evaluating customer willingness to pay and developing differentiated pricing for institutional customers.
  • Conducted vendor selection and evaluation for one of the 3 largest oil companies in Latin America, including creating a vendor dashboard.


Founder: Andrés Satizábal

Passionate Latino entrepreneur | Affordable high-quality market research | Proprietary research databases | Angel investor for tech startups.

Making quality research and analytics affordable for every organization including surveys, interviews, secondary research and data analysis. Geek about machine learning, research and automation do drive business and social impact.

18 years of leadership and consulting experience defining and implementing business strategies, designing technology products, and hacking growth. Experience in research, analytics, automation, and transforming B2B and B2C organizations in U.S. and Latin America.

For more information, visit www.iotaimpact.com Investor and advisor for minority / women owned research, analytics and technology companies in the US and for Latin American firms entering the U.S. market.

our history

1. Every organization – public or private, for profit or non-profit must have a deep and timely understanding of people’s needs and innovate to better serve them. With the rapid shifts in the market and technology, this is a necessary condition for survival and success.

2. Iota Impact was created in 2017 to help organizations increase their positive impact by better understanding their customers and markets. We are here to help you listen to the voice of your customers as clearly, quickly, and efficiently as our imagination and technology can. That way you will serve and retain more customers, improve their experience, and develop better products for them.

3. The largest companies have a massive budget for research and analytics staff and vendors, but smaller ones need to be very thoughtful about where they invest their research and analytics money. Iota Impact is here to make research cheaper, better, and more valuable to our customers. Iota Impact is your partner that provides research capacity to learn about your customers, databases that give you great insights about the market, and / or coaching and tools to help you build a better research and insights organization.

We are here to help you listen to the voice of your customers as clearly, quickly, and efficiently as our imagination and technology can. That way you will serve and retain more customers, improve their experience, and develop better products for them.

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